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1,000th Episode of Pokémon Airing Soon!

1000th Episode
The Pokemon anime is going to celebrate a huge milestone in the United States!

The Pokemon anime first aired in the United States on September 8th, 1998. In about twenty years, Pokemon fans have seen Ash and Pikachu travel from region to region to become the very best like no one ever was. Now, we are going to see them in their 1000th episode.

This month will feature Pokemon airing their 1000th episode on Disney XD! Pokemon fans can tune in on April 28th to view “The Professors’ New Adventure”. This episode will feature the series’s first wedding between Professor Kukui and Burnet.

Currently in the Pokemon anime, Ash and his Alolan friends have traveled through the Ultra Wormhole. They are confronting Lusamine in Ultra Space in an attempt to rescue her. There is plenty of action happening and perfect to watch as you await the arrival of the 1000th Pokemon episode.

Below are some screen captures of the 1000th Pokemon episode in America.

The Pokemon anime has been airing since 1998 and will be celebrating it’s twentieth year on air. It had aired ahead of the release of Pokemon Red & Blue. The show originally aired on various WB and UPN networks before settling on WB to be part of the KidsWB cartoon block. In 2006, it had moved to Cartoon Network. It stayed like this until 2016 where it is currently airing on Disney XD.

During that time, Ash and Pikachu have transverse to six different regions, battle over hundreds battles, and have travel with various of friends. Pokemon fans of all ages and generations have enjoyed Ash and Pikachu’s adventures. Also, lets not forget about the Rocket Trio who have been there for it all as they attempt to steal Pikachu. It has been an amazing journey to watch for any Pokemon fan for what will soon be for 1000 episodes!

Make sure to catch the 1000th episode on April 28th at 9:00 a.m. ET/PT on Disney XD!

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