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2019 Movie Tease! Features Mewtwo!

Big movie news for 2019!

The twenty-first Pokemon movie has now been release in Japan featuring Lugia and Zeraora. It is tradition for when the movie is done that a teaser is shown after the credits. The purpose of this teaser is to hint what next year’s movie will be about. It has now been confirm by Dogasu’s Backpack next year’s movie.

Next year’s movie will be featuring Mewtwo!

According to Dogasu, all the teaser feature was the original first movie logo (as seen above) with the word ‘Evolution’ written on the bottom right corner. It seems like the tentative title will be “Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution”. There was also a voice over featuring the original Japanese voice for Mewtwo saying “Who am I? Where am I?”. Long time Pokemon fans will recognize this as the driving motivation of Mewtwo.

No other information is known about the movie as in will if feature Ash or the Alolan cast. Based on next year’s game being Let’s Go, it may seems like this will be another stand alone movie featuring Ash. There are currently no more known Generation 7 Mythical Pokemon that could be featured alongside Mewtwo for this movie.

We will report on more information regarding the movie as it comes.

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