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70 Year Old Pokemon GO Player Evolves!

7o Year Old GO Player
He has evolved!

A few months ago we reported on a 70 year old Pokemon GO player in Taiwan who plays the game on his bicycle. What made him so unique and popular is that he plays the game with eleven smartphones mounted to his bicycle! During that story we said that he was trying to find a way to play with even more phones. Today we are reporting that he has found a way to do that.

Chen San-yuan from New Taipei City has ditched his bicycle rig and now adapted a full body rig. This new rig allows him to play with twelve phones on it and one in his hand. They are all connected to battery packs in his backpack that allows him to play the game for hours on end and well into the night.

Click here to see a video from ABC News that shows Chen San-yuan playing on his old bicycle rig.

Japanese Pokemon GO players have started to compare Chen San-yuan to other popular anime and video game characters. The most notable one would be the Juggler trainer class from Pokemon.

Will Chen San-yuan stop here? Or will he keep going and Mega Evolve? Only time will tell.

Source: Nintendo Soup

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