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Alternate Arts in Hidden Fates

Shiny Charizard
The fate of the Shiny Pokemon has been revealed!

One of the biggest appeals to Hidden Fates is the fact that this set will have several Pokemon in their Shiny variant. Collectors and players for the Pokemon TCG will be able to pull cards such as Shiny Charizard GX and Shiny Mewtwo GX from this set. Though, this has left a question regarding how Rotation will affect these Shiny variant GX cards. Well, now an answer has been revealed!

The Shiny variants of Pokemon such as Charizard GX, Lucario GX and Zoroark GX in Hidden Fates will be Alternate Art cards. All the Shiny variants will be a subset within Hidden Fates. These cards can be found within boosters of Hidden Fates but will have the Yellow A in the bottom left corner. This symbol will indicate that they are Alternate Art of the previous printed card.

These cards are going to be the same as their counterparts from the set that they were originally printed in. The Shiny variant of Shiny Charizard GX from Hidden Fates will be the same as the Charizard GX from Burning Shadows. The only difference is that this Charizard will have the black coloration of Shiny Charizard.

By doing this, Pokemon will ensure that they do not renew the tournament legality of these cards after Rotation on August 15th. Cards such as Zoroark GX and Charizard GX are slated to rotate on August 15th. This has made many players excited as it means that Zoroark GX’s hold on the Standard format will finally end. Though, if they did not included the Yellow A on the Shiny variant Zoroark GX then it would have given this card two more years in the Standard format.

Hidden Fates will include several new cards but also many reprints. Players will see reprints of some cards such as the ones mentioned above. They can also expect Shiny and special reprints of card such as Buzzwole (Shiny), Malamar (Shiny) and Cynthia. None of these cards’ tournament legality will be extended due to the reprints.

Now players can start testing for the Ultra Prism to Unified Minds format with no worries of cards like Zoroark GX getting a new lease in life. Best of luck to all the Worlds players and in your pulls!

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