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Anime Matsuri 2016! Pokemon Cosplay!

Anime Matsuri Pokemon
Anime Matsuri celebrated their 10th anniversary during the weekend of February 26-28th. The convention’s anniversary wasn’t the only thing going on that weekend as Pokemon also celebrated their 20th anniversary. The Pokemon fandom came together this weekend and showed off their best Pokemon cosplays!

So take a look and marvel at some of the amazing Pokemon cosplay that was found at Anime Matsuri 2016!


Here we have a man whose dreams have been crushed and thrown away.

Talkin’ about an Eeveelution!

Do you pose?

Mega Charizard
And here is an awesome Mega Evolution!

The forcce
The force is strong in these.

I hope you liked those! Check out the rest of the cosplays from Anime Matsuri below!

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