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Artist Redesign Pokemon with Aztec Flair!

Wooper Aztec
Have you ever wonder what Pokemon would look like if the Aztec designed Pokemon?

Maybe you have never thought about this but one artist sure did! Harris Fagotto has taken it upon himself to design each and every Pokemon as if they were from the times of the Aztec. He started with the Pokemon from Generation 1 and is currently tackling Pokemon from Generation 5.

Above we have his redesign of the Wooper line. Wooper and Quagsire both look pretty adorable in their Aztec design. Wooper sure does looks happy with his new look.

Below you can see Rotom who has an interesting design. After, things like washing machines and fans did not exist during the time of the Aztec. It looks like Rotom had to settle for something more simplistic.


Check out the rest of these amazing designs by clicking here to visit Harris Fagotto’s Tumblr page.

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