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Blaine to be Banned at Worlds

Blaines QUiz Show
Riddle me this! A banned card at Worlds!

Those planning to play Blaine’s Quiz Show at Worlds may have a problem. That is because the card has recently been announced to be banned for play at World’s. This ban will also be applied to all side events happening at Worlds.

The reason for this ban has more to do with the event and less about the card. Worlds is a multilingual event where players from all over the world will be attending. That means that there will be many different languages spoken there along with cards in different languages. That is where the problem happens. What if a player plays a French card and their opponent doesn’t understand French. That will make it difficult for both players to play Blaine’s Quiz Show fairly.

Put a Pokémon from your hand face down in front of you and tell your opponent the name of an attack it has. Your opponent guesses the name of that Pokémon, and then you reveal it. If your opponent guessed right, they draw 4 cards. If they guessed wrong, you draw 4 cards. Return the Pokémon to your hand.

If a Japanese player plays down Reshiram & Charizard GX and name the attack Outrage in Japanese then that makes a problem for their American opponent. After all, their American opponent may not be able to tell that is a Reshiram & Charizard GX based on the Japanese name.

Another issue arises when a translator is brought to translate what the card says. After all, not all attacks are translated or interpret the same way across different languages.

This ban could also be put into play for some players to not take advantage of the language issues that Blaine’s Quiz Show may bring. After all, this is a potential chance to draw four cards. That can be pretty powerful. Especially if played with the right cards. Overall, the card is not being played as it was intended to which breaks the game.

There is no word if this ban will be applied to other tournaments. For the moment, this ban is only being applied to Worlds 2019.

Best of luck to players going to Worlds! Keep those Blaine’s Quiz Shows at home or in your binders.

Source: PokeBeach

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