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Bug Out in Pokemon GO!

New Raid Bosses and a new event in Pokemon GO!

The next Pokémon GO event has begun. This is the Bug Out event and features increased Bug-type Pokémon spawns, Incense running for 60 minutes with more Pokémon spawns within, Bug-type Pokémon focused field research and more. It runs until Tuesday April 9th 20:00 UTC. There have also been multiple reports of Shiny Scyther being available in the game.
The raid bosses have also changed for this event:
-One star raid bosses are now: Caterpie, Shinx, Skorupi, and Kricketot
-Two star raid bosses are now: Exeggutor, Pineco, Mawile, Masquerain, and Combee
-Three star raid bosses are now: Alolan Raichu, Shuckle, Machamp, Scyther, and Pinsir
-Four star raid bosses are now: Tyranitar, Ninjask, and Absol
-Five star raid bosses are now: Deoxys Defense Form (in EX raids only) and the newly introduced Giratina Origin form.

That’s right, Giratina Origin Form has now been released in Pokemon GO! From now until 20:00 UTC on April 29th 2019, Giratina Origin Forme will appear as a Level 5 Raid Boss. So get out there and catch this beast before it’s gone!

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