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Calling All Rocket Recruits!

Line up! It’s time to get you suited up!

Calling all Rockets, one and all recruits and current members! We’ve managed to break into the Pokemon Center’s production facilities to produce some new uniforms for us! But we don’t have long until they catch us so let me give you the run down on what’s available and then you get what you can before we get caught!

So here’s what we got! We got our standard fitted long-sleeve shirts for male and female members as well as the fitted hoodie for extra stealth missions. We also managed to get our hands on some fitted youth t-shirts for those recruit wannabes that are still in training. We finally got those highly requested lanyards for your Rocket ID cards and some pins so you can show your Rocket flare on any mission. We’ve got your Rocket backpacks too for any equipment you might need on those missions, and then a 20 ounce mug courtesy of the boss for those members that are successful on their missions.

So what are you waiting for, operatives? You can get your equipment here.

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