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Celestial Storm Prerelease Promos Reveal!

Celestial Storm Prerelease Promos
Get a sneak peek at the storm to come with these promos!

The prerelease promos for Celestial Storm has been revealed. These cards will feature Kyogre, Manectric, Celesteela and Delcatty from Celestial Storm. All four cards will feature exclusive alternative artwork from their version within the set.


Manectric will be highly wanted by players at prereleases. This Pokemon has an ability that allows you to play it as your active or on your bench if you go second and have Manectric in your hand. It even has a good set up attack for a single energy to accelerate energy. This Pokemon will do great in a prerelease format and perhaps in Standard.


You may see Delcatty get some use thanks to the Search for Friends ability. This ability allows you put two Supporters from your discard into you hand upon evolving into Delcatty. Delcatty could see some use in the Standard format as a way to get Supporters back.


Celesteela has a single attack that does 160 damage for five energy. Though, if you and your opponent have a total of remaining prize cards is six then this attack cost a single energy. This sounds like a it could be useful but you will need to time it properly.


Kyorge has two attacks that can do some damage but not enough to write home about. If you want to do some bench damage then it could be useful. Though you may not be getting much use from it outside of a prerelease format.

Celestial Storm Prereleaes will be the weekends of July 21st through 29th. This set will be release on August 3rd and legal for tournament play by August 17th. You can find your local prereleases by clicking here.

Best of luck in your upcoming tournaments!

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