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Check out 2019 fan favorites from the Pokémon Center!

From adorable plush to best-selling Gallery Figures, check out the most-loved products of 2019.

As we start off the new year and excitedly await all that is to come, why not take a look back at all the most popular Pokémon merchandise from the Pokémon Center last year. And if something looks interesting to you, you can find all the merchandise here.


In terms of Poképlushes, the most popular plushes came from various times of the year. With Valentines right around the corner, perhaps you’d like to order one of the Paired Pikachu Celebrations: Sweetheart Pikachu Plush. This adorable little Pikachu pair was a fan favorite last year and is sure to make a great gift this coming year as well. But if you’re longing for the spooky season rather than the time of romance, never fear, the Celebi Pokémon Pumpkin Parade Poképlush is back on sale to give you some of that Halloween nostalgia. Perhaps, rather than a holiday, your favorite moment of this past year was the release of a certain movie with an ace detective. If that’s the case, the Detective Pikachu plush is also back on sale for you to grab!

Maybe special edition Poképlushes aren’t your style. Are you feeling the wolf inside you calling for something us? Embrace your inner Galar hero with a Zacian or Zamazenta Poképlush. Or if you’re feeling a bit more mythical, grab the Meltan Poképlush instead. The Corviknight plush is here to taxi you to wherever your heart desires and Wailord is here if you want a big plush to squeeze. And if you’re feeling like going for a stroll, perhaps you’d like to take your totally normal, not a Ditto in disguise, Furret with you.

Pokémon Gallery Figures DX

The Pokémon Gallery Figures collection only grew this past year, and four of these figures were particularly popular amongst fans. Dragonite using Hyper Beam no doubt appealed to the nostalgia of many fans who remember battling Lance and his fearsome Dragonites from over the last two decades. Gengar using Shadow Ball was also extremely popular, this figure representing a reliable partner with a powerful move that could take on any foe. Blatoise using Hydro Pump is a staple for fans, old and new, who have been fortunate enough to use the fearsome water starter from Kanto. Whether it was in Red and Blue or in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, there’s no debating that Blastoise’s Hydro Pump is a force to be reckoned with. And finally, my personal favorite, Mimikyu using Shadow Sneak, was released for the Halloween season. A powerful battler and a very popular new Pokémon, there’s no forgetting Mimikyu and its ghostly attacks.

Trading Card Game

Are you a TCG fan? Then perhaps you’d be interested in this section of memorabilia from 2019! The most popular TCG item by far was the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon-Team Up Booster Display Box, which contained a whopping 36 Booster Packs to bolster your decks. If you’re looking for something to hold all those new cards in, the Pokémon Center has you covered with the Catch That Pokémon! D-Ring Binder and the Pokémon TCG: Pikachu Chalk Card Sleeves. But no TCG set is complete without a place to play on, so why not get the Pokémon TCG: Galar First Partner Playmat while you’re at it? No TCG collection is complete without it!


A lot of hoodies, accessories, and more were very popular this past year. If it’s still cold where you are, perhaps you’d be interested in the Eevee Can’t Wait Bomber Jacket, the Team Rocket Fitted Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, the Detective Pikachu Hi-Hat Cafe Fleece Varsity Hoodie, the Charizard Fury Fleece Varsity Hoodie, or the Psyduck Bewildered Fleece Varsity Hoodie. Or if it’s a bit warmer, you’d want the Detective Pikachu Berry Juice Fitted Crew Neck T-Shirt instead. Looking for some stylish leggings? The Umbreon Shadow, Bulbasaur Meadow, and Espeon & Umbreon Starry Constellation Leggings were all very popular. Or, if you’d rather show your Galar style, Grookey, Sobble, and Scorbunny First Partner Knit Scarves are all available.


But that’s not all! Are you a fan of pins? The Special Delivery Pikachu & Charizard Pokémon Pin is back in stock! There’s also the Ponyta & Rapidash Pokémon Pins for all you firey horse lovers and Eevee Pixel Collection pin pack with a lanyard for all your bling. Do you want more Detective Pikachu merchandise? Whether its a hat with ears, a pendant, a mug, or a collector chest, they’ve got you covered. You’ve got a lot of options on how to rep your favorite Pokémon movie of the year. If you’re feeling more of the Halloween spirit, there’s some Pumpkin Pikachu Pokémon Halloween Ceramic Tea Light Holders, Gengar Pokémon Halloween Ceramic Treat Bowls, and Gengar Pokémon Halloween 16 oz. Sculpted Mugs for you to enjoy.

With the semester starting back soon, perhaps you’d like something more school oriented. The Eevee Pixel Collection backpack is available to you. If you’re wanting to decorate your dorm room walls, there’s a Pokémon of the Forests & Fields Art Print and Pokémon of the Waves & Waters Art Print for you. And if it’s a bit chilly in your dorm, why not make use of the Galar Friends Fleece Throw?

All of this and more is available at the Pokémon Center!

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