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Tomorrow’s Community Day Details!

Tomorrow is Pokemon Community Day!

Are you ready to catch a bunch of Mareep? Ready to get a shiny Mareep? Then Sunday is your day!

Tomorrow will be the April Pokemon GO Community Day. Trainers will have three hours to catch as many Mareep as they can on April 15th. You can also expect to see one-fourth of the distance needed to hatch eggs and three hour Lures.

If you evolve your Flaaffy during three hour Community Day span then your Ampharos will learn Dragon Pulse. This move is a move that Ampharos can’t learn normally. This is a cool callback to the fact that Ampharos’s Japanese name refers to him being an electric dragon. It is also worth noting that when Ampharos Mega Evolve then it becomes part Dragon.

You can click here to find out when the Community Day Event. Happy catching!

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