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Community Day is This Saturday!

Charmander Communit Day
Don’t forget to see the community!

This Saturday will be the Pokemon GO Community Day for May! Charmander will be all over the place as players try to capture as many of them as they can. Hopefully everybody will leave with a Charizard by the end of their three hours of playing.

This month’s Community Day will be this Saturday, May 19th! You can click here to find out when Community Day starts for your timezone. During the three hour time span, trainers can expect to see triple Stardust for all captures. Like previously Pokemon GO Community Days, trainers are expecting to see Shiny Charmander. A Shiny Charmander is a gold color and can evolve into the famous Shiny Charizard which is black.

Lastly, any Charmeleon evolved during the three hour time span on Community Day will learn Blast Burn. This is one of the most powerful Fire type attacks from the main series games. Blast Burn is an attack that only fully evolve Fire Starter Pokemon can learn.

Good luck in catching your Charmander this Saturday!

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