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CoroCoro Reveal! Magiana to be in Next Pokemon Movie!

Metal Waifu Reveal
Leaks for the upcoming CoroCoro are beginning to come out. One of the biggest pieces of news from the leaks is the reveal of a new Pokemon and the title for the upcoming Pokemon movie.

The biggest piece of news from CoroCoro is the reveal of a new Pokemon named Magiana. CoroCoro has stated that Magiana is classified as “The Man-Made Pokemon” and it was made by humans over 500 years ago. Apparently Volcanion is chasing after Magiana. There is also some sort of secret involving Magiana that only Volcanion knows. It is unsure if Magiana is part of the current generation or will be used to help usher in the start of Generation 7. Magiana looks to be some sort of mechanical Pokemon that is a cross between Diancie and Klinklang. Maybe it will be a Steel/Fairy type Pokemon?

Lastly, CoroCoro has also reveal the title of this summer’s Pokemon movie. This movie will feature Volcanion and Magiana. The title of this movie will be: Volcanion and the Exquisite Mechanical Magiana

Either way, Pokemon is doing a great job in keeping their fans guessing. We will keep you posted as more information is revealed.

Source: Serebii

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