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Cosplay at #AKon28!

Get ready to see some awesome Pokemon cosplay from AKon 28!

The weekend of June 8th to 11th was the 28th AKon in Fort Worth, Texas at the Fort Worth Convention Center. There were plenty of amazing cosplay but we all know that the best cosplay to see is the Pokemon cosplay!

So instead of searching the web for all the great Pokemon cosplay at Akon 28, we have all of them gathered in this article! So sit back and enjoy looking all the amazing cosplay from the convention.

Team Skull

First, lets talk about all the Team Skull cosplay at Akon 28. Why? It is because Team Skull decided to invade the convention! There were Team Skull Grunts running all over the place. You saw them in the dealers room, hallways, panels and the nearby park! Some of them even had a bus stop sign which I am sure they stole. It was amazing to see that Pokemon fans have taken a liking to Team Skull and their crazy antics.

Below we have a huge assortment of Team Skull cosplay. You can see that the majority of the cosplay from the Pokemon cosplay meetup was Team Skull. You may even spot a few edgy kids and Skull Lillie in the bunch.

Also, you can’t forget about ya boi! Guzma!

Lastly, we have a few pictures of Team Skull doing what they do best. Being a bunch of useless thugs!

Though there were more then just Team Skull cosplay at Akon. We can’t forget about the rest of Alola which is filled with amazing characters.

Some of the cosplay below features everybody’s favorite couple from Alola, best mom and pictures of some of the hottest professors from the Pokemon world!

Akon 28 had tons of great Pokemon cosplay. I could write a ten article feature about all the awesome cosplay that was found at this year’s convention. Instead I am just going to let you look at all of them and mention some of my favorites. Some of them involve an Officer Jenny working overtime due to increase criminal activity, a pair of lovely ladies straight from the pages of the manga, a stop at a local PokeStop, an expecting Charizard mother, classic characters like Erika and Karen and many more!

Lastly, we can’t forget about the new characters from Pokemon’s latest game!

We hoped you love all these awesome cosplay! Let us know if you were there!

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