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Crimson Invasion Prerelease Promos

Crimson INvasion
Get ready for some awesome prerelease promos!

The prerelease promos for Crimson Invasion have been revealed. Those who attend a Crimson Invasion prerelease could get one of the following cards: Alolan Raichu, Salazzle, Regirock or Registeel.

All four of the above cards will be cards from Crimson Invasion. Each card will have alternative artwork compare to the version that can be found from within the set.

Registeel will be a highly wanted card from the set. That is because it is a Metal type Pokemon that can attack for one energy to accelerate energy. It can also be used to knockout Gardevoir GX. Regirock can be used to boost Registeel’s attack power. Salazzle may be useful due to it’s ability to attack for a single energy and lay heavy poison damage. Lastly, Alolan Raichu could be to punish your opponent for putting too many energy on their Pokemon.

Everybody who attends a prerelease will be given a prerelease kit that contains the following: 22 Evolution pack, an exclusive foil promo card, and four booster packs from the Sun & Moon—Crimson Invasion expansion.

Each player will be given time to build a 40 card deck with the cards they pulled and the Evolution pack. Lastly, you will get to play three rounds with the 40 card deck that you created. This will give you a chance to play with the new cards from Crimson Invasion such as Guzzlord GX, Buzzwole GX and Regigigas.

If you want to attend a Crimson Invasion Prerelease then head to your local card shop from October 21-29, 2017. You can find an event by using Pokemon’s Event Locator.

Crimson Invasion will be release on November 3rd.

Source: Pokemon

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