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Crossroads Comics #108-My Dictator Boyfriend

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week on Crossroads Comics, we’re taking a look at My Dictator Boyfriend. This is a comic that, when I initially saw it, I was unsure I was going to enjoy it. But after seeing one of the authors works on a favorite comic of mine, The Adventures of God, I decided to give it a read, and it was very much worth it.

My Dictator Boyfriend is a comedy comic that centers around Manny, the newest ruler Tauligia, succeeding his father who was a very successful dictator of the country. However, he more than anyone else is aware of how unprepared to take control he is. To make matters worse, despite wanting to enact change, the council left behind be his father is rather restrictive and resistant towards change, leaving Manny lost and feeling powerless. But thankfully, a beacon of hope arrives in the form of Manny’s new bodyguard, JJ.

This comic at its core is a form of political satire. Many of the themes and messages in the episodes reflect struggles in the modern day. While the most obvious of these is Manny struggling to come out as gay due to the strong societal pressures, it goes much deeper than this. This comic tackles issues like racism and suicide in a rather professional manner. While it takes a comedic tone most of the time, it definitely knows when to take a more serious tone and addresses topics with the respect they deserve. The characters also all show growth in some form, some a lot quicker than others, and some in a more physical manner than others. But the characters show visible change in the attitudes, appearances, and personalities that make it for an interesting comic where each strip has an impact in some form.

It’s important to note that this is a more adult comic so some of the jokes and topics addressed are not meant for younger audiences. But the way this comic addresses issues with extreme professionalism as well as tactful humor, I felt it was worth featuring, especially during a time when the topics it addresses are ever prevalent.

Since this comic is over 200 episodes long, be sure to check out the other comics included on this week’s lineup before you binge My Dictator Boyfriend!

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