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Crossroads Comics #16-Bad Times

It’s not really Monday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at Genesis: a Gijinka Story. Based on a Y Nuzlocke run, this story follows M2-K, a young Mewtwo gijinka who is just trying to figure everything out in rather harsh life conditions. With a deceased mother and only an excadrill for a father figure, M2-K is having trouble finding his purpose in life. But just when things couldn’t get any worse, a man with a very familiar face bursts into M2-K’s life. Even if you’re not a huge gijinka fan, this is definitely worth giving a read.

Pokémon Crossroads Comics
Pokémon Alpha He’s got a contingency plan for that!
PMD: Bridge of Invention Well they aren’t very nice.
PMD: Explorers of Life Uh… oopsy?
PMDXR It seems they have history together.
Pokémon Rising Shadows Naya used Spontaneously Combust. It’s super effective.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Comics
Milos from Home Man those earthquakes are getting strong.
PMD: Adventures of Might and Magic Whoopsy!
PMD: Adventures of Team Sunflower Nice snek. Good snek.
PMD: Ancients Within Pikachu is already just done with this.
PMD: Bonds of Hope Worldbuilding time!
PMD: Energy Exchange A promise is a promise.
PMD: Gleaming Hearts A Slowking and Decidueye? Wonder what they want.
PMD: Guardians of the Universe Something tells me that was no meteor.
PMD: LZ BZ Egg excitement!
PMD- RAD The delusions are setting in.
PMD: Tales of Elysium How do they know each other?
PMD: Team Airspook It’s the start of an adventure!
PMD: Team Aquablaze Start of a new chapter!
PMD: Team Emerald Hm… wonder how Tapu Koko knows of the guild.
PMD Uprising Yikes, that’s no good.
PMD: Victory Fire Colorblindness in this situation is unfortunate.
PMD2: Team Awai Gravelrock ex machina!
Soul Destructor Team What will he do now?

Pokémon Nuzlocke Comics
Acceptance Yiiikes that’s expensive.
Chamerion So many deaths!
Chiaki’s Nuzlocke No deaths and last gym down! Time for the league!
Fans’ Blazing Red Nuzlocke RUN RUN RUN!
Hazard Nuzlocke Whoops?
It’s Just a Game Axel baby come on.
LifexDeath Nuzlocke Well, at least he got it back.
Making Matcha We’re off to a good start?
Myths of Unova This… is not good. It’s very bad, actually.
Nix’s Firered Nuzlocke SOLAR BEAM!!!
Nuzlocke on Ice Gary… please no…
Origins Untold That looks like a very interesting adventure.
Out of the Blue Hm… what’s wrong?
Pokémon Double Emerald Nuzlocke Ya done goofed, Maxie.
Pokémon Uranium Nuzlocke Nuclear Meltdown Foreboding warning is foreboding.
Pokémon Yellow Nostalgialocke Q&A Scyther’s turn!
Silver Linings Casper! CASPER NO!
Vitality Who’s it going to be?

Pokémon Sprite Comics
Pebble Version So many banettes.
Pokémon Unreal Why is that significant?
The Taken The gang’s all back together!

Funny Pokémon Comics
Comic of Alola How convenient.
Gabaleth- Guzma Beatdown GUZMA WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?
Moképon This is a very bad situation.

Other Pokémon Comics
Aura of Light Uh-oh that’s no good.
Eevees! All play no work?
Eeveelution Squad BOO!
Legends of Shadows Oh? I wonder what opportunity that is.
Loserdex All my photogenic friends summed up in one comic.
Genesis: A Gijinka Comic Uh-oh. Prime, be careful!
Stupid Short Eevee Comic Yikes that’s not good.
Sundered Souls Let the story begin!
Surviving the Idiots Here comes Dialga!

Editor’s Choices
Connected Destinies Uh-oh! What’s her mom doing here?
Connected Destines Side Stories Saber! Come on!
Gloomverse Yeah, she likes them?
Hinata Well that’s very much not good.

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