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Crossroads Comics #26-Adorable Otters

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at a White 2 Nuzlocke comic called After the Ashes. It’s still relatively close to its beginning so now is a great time to catch up. It starts off with a bang, grabbing you and throwing you into a situation of celebrations, terrorist attacks, and heartache. Trust me, the prologue will make you want to read this comic. The art is amazing, with each Pokémon looking truly unique in the best possible way. It is definitely a comic worth your time reading, because if the prologue is anything to go by, it’s going to be an action packed story filled masterpiece. You can also find it on Smackjeeves.

Pokémon Crossroads Comics
Pokémon Alpha Time to improvise.
Pokémon Jentoh Adventures Mega evolution is really powerful.
PMD: Bridge to Invention Oh no, Zeke, what did you do?
PMD: Explorers of Life Wonder what they’re up against.
Pokémon Rising Shadows Hype here we go! New chapter!

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Comics
Adventures of Team Crystal She’ll be fine.
Dafail Through Brine Cave we go!
Milos from Home Hmm why does that team name sound familiar?
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Sweet sweet Pecha berries.
PMD: Adventures of Might and Magic Maybe don’t pull random branches off random trees?
PMD: Adventures of Team Sunflower Uh-oh! Muro get out of there!
PMD: Bonds of Hope Wonder what’s coming.
PMD: Gleaming Hearts Secret tunnel?
PMD: Guardians of the Universe Gotta figure out how to get around that psychic.
PMD: Lost Cause Ayyy watch it! I’m walkin’ ‘ere!
PMD: Lunar Recon Casual giant lion.
PMD- RAD Training time with Francis!
PMD: Tales of Elysium Go Leon! Go after Vagus!
PMD: Team Aquablaze Never ask that question unless you’re prepared for the proper answer.
PMD: Team Emerald Wonder what he wants.
PMD: Team Rowanberry Wonder what those cards are for.
PMD: Victoryfire Slight change in the pattern there huh?
Soul Destructor Team Well, at least he can remember his name.
Team Fate-The One Without Color Let’s see what made our hero a hero.

Pokémon Nuzlocke Comics
Acceptance Go get em, Pepper!
Across the Region New challenger incoming!
After the Ashes It’s Oshawott!
Celestial Pretty cover!
Emerald Double Nuzlocke Challenge Uh-oh that can’t be good.
For Victory! Fourth wall? What is that?
Glimmer That’s an interesting look claw you got there.
Golden Sun Rival battle begin!
Making Matcha Woo! Let’s go, Nori!
Matt SoulSilver Nuzlocke No legs!
Myths of Unova A goodbye from the twin kings. They are finally free.
Nix’s Firered Nuzlocke Sand is no match for fire!
Nuzlocke Double Weak Raichu is weak.
Nuzlocke on Ice Well that can’t be good.
Pi and Pea’s Nuzlocke Bet on it! Bet on it!
Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Wonderlocke Interesting, it makes sense.
Pokémon Uranium Nuzlocke/Nuclear Meltdown Chipper! NO!
Pokémon Yellow Nostalgialocke What could possibly go wrong?
Primal Silver Interesting worldbuilding concepts.
Renewal: an AlphaSapphire Nuzlocke That doesn’t look like a fun situation.
Sapphire’s Nuzlocke Uh-oh. Ruby’s got a case of the crushies.
Silver Linings Poor Silver must be devastated.
The Night Grows Pale Best friends reunite!
The Outliers So many cameos!
The Pokédex Project Group hug!
Vitality Awww Spice cares!
Wringlocke Poor boy has to stand out in the rain.
Yonkoma Nuzlocke Gotta beat up these baddies!

Pokémon Sprite Comics
Pebble Version Dance the dance of your people.
Pokémon Unreal Battle begin!
Red’s Boulder Badge Calamity The true test of power.
The Taken Plot twist!

Funny Pokémon Comics
Dorkly- Pokémon Sun Playthrough Rapid Pikachus have become a real problem.
Full Inventory *GASP*
GabaLeth-May the Best Pan Win Brock is the winner in all our hearts.
GabaLeth-Nebby’s True Savior Don’t lie, we were all thinking it.
GabaLeth-Red and Blue meet Super Mario (Odyssey) That’s what you get.
Moképon Yeah Atticus! Get determined!
Pokémon Relentless Silliness Acid trips man.

Other Pokémon Comics
Aura of Light Prologue begin!
Bloom, a Pokémon Conquest Comic I mean, can you blame them for being skeptical?
Eeveelution Squad Geez, rude much?
Genesis: A Gijinka Comic It’s so beautiful isn’t it?
Legends of Shadows Will Arceus ever return?
Loserdex It’s a fair question.
Stupid Short Eevee Comic Fourth wall powers ACTIVATE!
The Far Hollow Scared Cole is scared.
The Stars Shine Bright The puns are everywhere.

Editor’s Choice
Floating On When will the next question time be?
Gloomverse A new chapter begins!
Hinata What is his true identity?
The Search for Henry Jekyll Come on, Henry! Find the note!

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