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Crossroads Comics #3: Forgetful Foxes

It’s Monday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

Have you forgotten something recently? Well don’t worry about it! This Monday, Hiro the friendly haunted sword will make sure you don’t forget about this week’s Crossroads Comics! And if you haven’t already do check out
PMD: Adventures of Might & Magic! It’s a comic that only just started a little over a month ago and it already has over 100 readers and almost 50 fans! With the adorable Mytew the Braixen as our lead and Hiro the Honedge as our snarky sidekick, we follow them as the duo becomes a rescue team. Is it for glory? Is it for fame? Is it for fortune? Or do these two have another motive that has yet to be seen? You’ll just have to find out by reading it!

Pokémon Crossroads Comics
PMD: Bridge of Invention Evil eeveeutions? Say it ain’t so!
PMD: Evolving Worlds If anything Celebi looks the most intimidating out of all of them.
PMD: Explorers of Life It seems tonight is all about dreams!
PMD: Past, Present, Future The plot thickens like the plague in the streets.
Pokémon: Rising Shadows Beautiful scenery and a group shot? What did we do to deserve this?

Pokémon Nuzlocke Comics
Doubt and Trust: A HG/SS Pokémon Gijinka Nuzlocke Comic It’s the burned tower incident, isn’t it? Hm… the plot thickens.
Fans’ Blazing Red Nuzlocke It seems these weedle are less than friendly.
Folded: A Heartgold Nuzlocke Well that’s news I’m sure everyone wants to hear.
For Victory! A Pokémon White Nuzlocke I’m pretty sure being stalked is not a good thing.
Golden Sun: A Sun Version Blindlocke Comic First blood!
Jutopa’s Blue Nuzlocke *insert maniacal Red laughter here*
Nuzlocke on Ice Stupid migration patterns, am I right?
Of Life and Death So these cloaks have purpose. Interesting. This will definitely be a huge factor into the story.
Pi and Pea’s Nuzlocke Adventures A little information about the team as a whole right before we enter the Elite 4!
PokéMom: A Grass/Fairy Nuzlocke Cover Mom counseling is the best counseling!
Pokémon Emerald Double Nuzlocke Challenge I’m not sure you’re as much of a failure as you think you are.
Pokémon-Yellow-Nostalgialocke Well she went out with a bang, that’s for sure.
Silver Linings: A Black 2 Nuzlocke It appears that Colress knows more than he’s letting on.
Yonkoma Nuzlocke: Fire Red So it was just an illusion?

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Comics
Rising Storm It’s amusing to see the confusion that every PMD protagonist must feel in those moments.
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon The true downside to turning into an eevee.
PMD: Adventures of Might & Magic Isn’t everyone an impulse buyer in PMD though?
PMD: Adventures of Team Sunflower Muro is very confused.
PMD: Bonds of Hope A wise decision hiding the weapons, but is it for the best?
[PMD] Choosing Our Fate Excuses excuses. He deserves it.
PMD: Heroes of Ego Poor Chespin! Conflicting emotions suck.
PMD- RAD Even worse that’s a stun steed right there!
PMD: Reincarnate Code red! She has the booty!
PMD: Tales of Elysium Ambipom down! Ambipom down!
PMD Team Aquablaze So if it’s not in the shop then where is it?
PMD Team Emerald Well that explains the whole name switch thing.
PMD: Victory Fire That’s good… right?
Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Comic Uh oh, seems like our partner is less than welcome here.

Pokémon Sprite Comics
Pebble Version So we meet again, my mortal enemy, stairs.
Pokémon Unreal I don’t think it was just “nothing”.
The Taken Oh a rematch? This is looking good!

Funny Pokémon Comics
DancerQuartz Now, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how that’s supposed to go.
Dorkly-Pokémon Sun Playthrough Mallow, you might wanna rethink your phrasings of everything.
Dorkly-Pokémon Types We’ve all been there as trainers at one point or another.
Gabasonian If it really works, I might need some of that repel.
Loserdex I don’t know what’s worse, Lucas resorting to drugs or the fact that I have had that exact scenario happen to me when I was lifting weights once.
Moképon They just want him to leave town.
Retirement Day Such a cruel game.
Trainer Wants to Fight I mean that’s cool and all but now I wanna see an Alolan Exeggutor doing that.

Other Pokémon Comics
Bloom, a Pokemon Conquest Comic How many times can you fit honor or honorable into a sentence?
Eevee Academy Ya dun goofed.
Flicker and Brotherhood Does shininess have something to do with becoming the heir?
Legends of Shadows An unhappy flygon is not a good flygon.
On The Wing Distrustful Luxio and Shinx do not make things easy. Though this is a curious development.
Pokemon: Team Medley It appears someone is being followed.
The Secret At least take him on the boat once.
The Stars Shine Bright Look at all those cameos! That eevee and bayleef look familiar.
Trouble in Midst So he was possessed or something.

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