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Crossroads Comics #34-Watch out for Whitney

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at Liberty Soul Silver Nuzlocke. A unique take on the usual Johto run in which the real trainer is the totodile starter. Not only is the art style really pleasing to the eyes, but its story also makes mention of Pokémon Rangers and overall has a very unique take on the Johto region. Gone away is the traditional rival and in comes the lovable Ashley with his own sidearcs. There’s a lot to like about this nuzlocke and I highly recommend it. The story is fresh and new, plus the characters all have very diverse personalities making it for a very enjoyable read. And with the Whitney battle right around the corner, now is a great time to catch up with the story!

Crossroads Comics
PMD: Bridge to Invention YEET- oh wait that didn’t work.
PMD: Explorers of Life So he purified the shiny luxio? Just what kind of power does Grey have?

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Comics
PMD: Adventures of Might and Magic What could be wrong?
PMD: Adventures of Team Sunflower Ooh that Rhydon is getting smart.
PMD: Bonds of Hope Oof yeah, no earthquakes please.
PMD: Broken Glass And we’re off!
PMD: Dimensional Gate Oooh a fakemon!
PMD: Explorers Beyond Time Aw poor girl is so scared.
PMD: Gleaming Hearts
PMD: Guardians of the Universe The calvary has arrived.
PMD: Incertitude I wonder who this is. Is it the same girl?
PMD: Mysteries of the Soul That riolu is so rude.
PMD: Tales of Elysium I wonder what his deal is.
PMD: Team Aquablaze The eon duo at the eon inn?
PMD: Team Emerald Who’s that Pokémon?
PMD: Team Fire-Fox Those beta leaks definitely gave us some quality content.
PMD: The Treasure of Friendship Hmm what’s this treasure about.
PMD: Victoryfire Looks like they’ve done it.

Pokémon Nuzlocke Comics
Liberty Ooh I see some familiar figures in the background.
Novalocke Whoopsie.
Penumbra Oh no… Gladion what motivated this.
Pokémon Uranium Nuzlocke/Nuclear Meltdown That’s an interesting way to look at it.
Pokémon Yellow Nostalgialocke Arceus, so mischievous.
Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke: Pocket full of Stars Charmeleon versus Charmeleon eh?
The Warriors Heart Oof that can’t feel good.
Value of Platinum Proud? Why’s that?
Wringlocke New teammate acquired!

Other Pokémon Comics
Diamonds in the Rough Uh-oh, he looks less than friendly.
Eeveelution Squad So many eeveelutions.
Lucky Travels Seems Lucky and Isaiah have made another stop on their journey!
Pokémon-Fallen Star Ooh very interesting. I wonder what this pond and mirror mean.
Pokémon Unreal That’s a bit difficult to misunderstand.
Rival Gates Land ahoy!
Stupid Short Eevee Comic Incentive? What kind of incentive?
The Fourth Moon That can’t be good for the butterfly.
The Reincarnation Stone Where could she be…
Treon Gate Ah this is a flashback sequence.
Waiting for Sunrise I wonder who it is.

Editor’s Choice
Caw & Order What could be doing this?
Connected Destinies Why sudden sympathy?
Evil Plan Awwwww.
Floating On Well that doesn’t sound good.
Gloomverse How touching!
How To Train Your Dragon: Ireth and Vespera Fable Sleepy time~
Hinata Oof, those with weak stomachs might want to skip this update.
Magience This is going to take a while.
The Search for Henry Jekyll Where could the entrance be?

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