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Crossroads Comics #6: The Hall of Fame

It’s Monday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

Trainer Wants to Fight is a comic that’s been around since 2013. Filled with humor and hilarious commentary on the inconsistencies, wackiness, and just all around fun details within the Pokémon Universe of the games Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Crystal.

I started reading Trainer Wants to Fight back around the time it started and fell in love with it instantly. The art style is adorable, the comics all have great punchlines, and it really built on the nostalgia of every Pokémon game I had ever played. Sadly, however, all good things must come to an end. And while back in 2014 I feared that the comic would officially end, this was not the case, as the comic was revived for a second book in 2016. But alas, this book has finally reached its end, and while Book 3 may always be a possibility, it does not appear to be coming any time soon. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the wonder that is Trainer Wants to Fight. And once you finish binging it all, you can read the TVTropes page on the webcomic and follow the artist on Deviantart, Tumblr,, or check out her Amazon and food blog if you would like. She’s a great artist with a great sense of humor, so I promise you won’t be making a mistake following her.

Pokémon Crossroads Comics
Jentoh Adventures Everything’s fun on a Pokémon adventure!
Pokémon Alpha Only the gym leader seems to be having fun.
PMD: Bridge of Invention Guys come on, stealth is key, stealth is key!
PMD: Evolving Worlds Wonder why that bandanna is so important.
PMD: Explorers of Life Well at least only they know about this.
PMD: Past, Present, Future Last official update before the reboot!
Pokémon: Rising Shadows Naya is excited. Bern is not.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Comics
On Borrowed Time PMD EOS Poor Malachi has been frightened!
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Is so much paperwork really necessary?
PMD: Adventures of Might & Magic A gift from his father? Wonder what it is!
PMD: Adventures of Team Sunflower Come on, Muro! Say something!
PMD: Bonds of Hope You’re only realizing this now, Tag?
PMD: Dawn of Ages Wonder what caused that.
PMD: Explorers of Heart That’s comforting… I guess?
PMD- RAD Now you’re getting it, Avis! You can do this! Probably!
PMD: Tales of Elysium Espurr does not appreciate the blood on the floor.
PMD Team Aquablaze So a dead end here it seems.
PMD: Victory Fire The secret is out!
PMD2: Team Awai Koffing is the brightest member of Team Skull it seems.
Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Comic The whole town has to get involved!
Rising Storm Totally didn’t just make that name up on the fly or anything.

Pokémon Nuzlocke Comics
A Pokémon Yellow Nuzlocke Busted?
Folded: A Heartgold Nuzlocke He’s so chill about all this.
Golden Sun: A Sun Version Blindlocke Comic And they all died. The end.
Jutopa’s Blue Nuzlocke Is it gym battle time?
Of Life and Death Explosive eggs are explosive.
Pokémon Emerald Double Nuzlocke Challenge Don’t just stand there! Go rescue your future wife already!
Pokémon Yellow Nostalgialocke I guess that’s important too.
Sapphire’s Nuzlocke The starter has been revealed! It’s a…
Silver Linings: A Black 2 Nuzlocke Finally they are reunited!
The Quest for Kyogre Doggo is pleased.
The Pokédex Project It’s good to see the whole team again!

Funny Pokémon Comics
Comic of Alola- Silent Tears It’s the circle of liiiiife!
Comic of Alola- Stomp the Flower That is one deadly flower.
Dorkly-Pokémon Sun Playthrough Nothing about this is okay.
Gabasonian- A Great HM Slave He knows all the HM moves!
Gabasonian- Red n’ Blue meet Link n’ Zelda Sorry Blue, it seems your princess is another castle.
Gabasonian- W-White Hair It’s ya boi, Guzma!
Genesis: A Gijinka Story Extras The Parent Prime AU is so adorable.
Moképon One day Atticus will acknowledge he’s a main character. One day.
Survivng the Idiots It seems Mewtwo has helped Rayquaza make a breakthrough.
Trainer Wants to Fight The End!

Sprite Pokémon Comics
Pebble Version Is guilt tripping a patented Elite Four tactic?
Pokémon Unreal Oh no! Rachel might be in danger.
The Taken Will that training be enough though?

Other Pokémon Comics
Bloom, a Pokemon Conquest Comic Good to know I wasn’t the only one counting.
Genesis: A Gijinka Story Wonder what Prime is talking about.
Loserdex Abort! Abort abort abort!
Pokémon- Murky Way It couldn’t be? Could it?
Radventures Poor Flareon!
Red Gyarados ??? used Tackle! It’s super effective!
Stupid Short Eevee Comic Lem has friends to support him! Hooray!
The Secret Uh-oh, Sylveon may not be pleased to find out about Ella.
The Stars Shine Bright Come on, Topaz! You can do it!
Trouble in Midst Poor little fennekin.

Writer’s Choices
Evil Plan I guess that explains why superheroes always come back.
Little More than Waitstaff But why would Cora to see-… ohhhhh.
The Crooked Kind And we’re back with another gorgon! I didn’t know snakes were braidable.

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