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Crossroads Comics #67- Green Tea

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at the comic Making Matcha, a LeafGreen gijinka nuzlocke! The story follows a Bulbasaur gijinka named Nori who’s set out to journey Kanto. The story is very interesting in that unlike most Kanto nuzlockes you see, the team has stayed a relatively small size thus far, allowing time to development the characters. As a result, Nori, Deo, and the rest of the time as well as several other NPCs quickly grow on the player and show character development throughout the story. Nori’s journey as a leader is also very interesting to watch, with the latest episode giving her a spotlight to really show off her leadership skills. It’s a very cute comic with great comedic timing and overall is just a fun read so be sure to check it out.

Crossroads Comics
PMD: Explorers of Life It’s a trap!

Smackjeeves Comics
Fault Lines Something’s amiss… but what?
Little More than Waitstaff GET BACK TO WORK!
Mokepon At what point does having too much hope become foolish?
Problem Child Let the real trials begin.
PMD: Hellfire Fight now talk later!
PMD: Mysteries of the Soul Now who is this?
PMD: White Rose Yeah that might be a problem.
Slumber Town Ooh what’s this plot device?
The Crooked Kind Someone’s gonna get in trouble!

Deviantart Comics
Acceptance Tempest, where are you going?
Finding Your Roots Hmm I don’t think this encounter is going to go well.
Heroes of Hoenn What could possibly go wrong with this plan?
Making Matcha A true leader moment for Nori! Great work!
Milos from Home Ooh what a nifty little backpack.
PMD: Team Rowanberry Oof those nightmares must be hard to cope with.
Primal Silver Looks like it’s almost gym battle time!
Prion Looks like Giovanni’s about to get busted.
Trick of the Night Time to say goodbye.

Off-site Comics
High Class Homos Poor Prince August feels so guilty when this isn’t his fault.
Lolo & Joe Okay but the question is, does that method actually work?
Occasional Wott Bros I’m sure it’ll be fine. What could possibly go wrong?
Prolific Pen Comics That’s the face of betrayal.
Stuffed Yeah come on, Frank!
The Daily Tut Oof we’ve all been there.
Two Sugars, Please Awww what a cute little ending.
Wooden Plank Studios Man that Galar border control sure is strict.

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