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Crossroads Comics #68: Manga Vision

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at My Giant Nerd Boyfriend. This comic is a Webtoons slice of life story about the comic author and her giant nerd boyfriend. The stories range to a variety of different topics including Pikachu shirts, their dog named Biscuit, or just random habits they both have. The comics are usually always very funny, though there are a few more serious strips sprinkled in throughout the series. Recently, they also got an animated counterpart on the Webtoons YouTube channel that allow for longer enjoying experiences. It’s a fun story that updates frequently so I highly recommend it.

Crossroads Comics
Pokémon Rising Shadows Talon’s moving into ac- Lucky! Isaiah! What are you guys doing there?

Smackjeeves Comics
Atychiphobia Something tells me this is the guy they’re supposed to be meeting.
Fault Lines What is going on? Will Lapis be okay?
Gamer Cafe Looks like he figured it out!
PMD: Anamnesis It’s a rest well earned.
PMD: Outlanders She better figure out that fire trick quick!
PMD: Stone Circle Time to head on for a long day’s journey into the night.
PMD: Team Detect That’s quite the depressing mentality.
PMDU – PokeAdventures in Andalusst Oh great what does this guy want?
The Fourth Moon Oof he does not look like he’s doing well.

Deviantart Comics
After the Ashes Hugh’s in need of a stern scolding.
Cammy’s Silver Nuzlocke It’s time for the next rival battle!
Kurukkoo! Is that a KO?
Low Probability They’re alive!
Nuzrooke Sun And so the journey begins!
PMD: Keepers of Light Now now Astra, no need to be so rude.
PMD: Team Aquablaze They’re both super serious about doing this.
The Burning Sky That’s some ominous foreshadowing for the next gym.
Wabi Sabi Now what are those mysterious markings?

Off-site Comics
Bonnie Pang This is me on my honeymoon.
Cursed Princess Club The Plaid Princes return!
Gabaleth Is that a JOJO REFERENCE?
Lil Char and the Gang At least they’ve got goals for the future.
My Giant Nerd Boyfriend Manga vision sounds like a lot of fun.
Strange Planet My blood pumper!
The Glass Scientists Something tells me it’s not all these rich folks think it to be.
The Stranding Fields Bit of an awkward breakfast.
Wolf Wizard Oh no… did she get infected too?

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