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Crossroads Comics Mini- Pokémon Rebellion

It’s Tuesday, but this time we’re doing something a little bit different.

This week instead of doing our full list of comics, we’re gonna spotlight one and show you which PXR affiliated comics updated. Don’t worry though, you’ll have your full list back next week!

Our spotlight for this week goes to a comic titled Pokémon Rebellion. It takes place in the world we all know and love, and the city all Nuzlockers hate, but with one integral part missing from it all, the Pokémon. It stars a girl named Noa who is a college student about to go on her Easter holiday when she hears news of a fire dog roaming the streets of Goldenrod City. Wanting to break the monotony of her everyday life, she tracks it down and is taken to places that few remember.

With elements of war and political and economic turmoil hanging in the background, it is definitely an interesting read. Pokémon Rebellion is a bit of a darker story, with its most recent update being one of the darkest parts yet. However, it is very original in its premise and just game off hiatus, so now is a great time to get started on it!

In addition, here’s the PXR Comics that updated recently!

PMD: Bridge to Invention continues where it left off with our human hero, who is inadvertently saved by our rag tag team of heroes. It is fun to have a story not focus entirely on the human for once, but still interact with them every once in a while. It makes for great scenes like this one.

In PMD: Explorers of Life, Grey recalls revealing his true identity to the guild, and it looks like it could have gone a bit smoother than it did. Still, this little series of flashbacks proves for a very interesting style of retconning.

Shinka: The Last Eevee is back with a mysterious murkrow doing some shady things. The story is really starting to build up, creating all new mysteries that even people who remember the original can enjoy. This is definitely not the same story you knew.

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