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Dance with Oricorio at!

You can get a new dance partner at!

A new plush collection can be found on Pokemon Center website with the introduction of Oricorio. You can not only get just one Oricorio but all four of them!

All four forms of Oricorio has been added to the Pokemon Dolls plush collection. You can purchase Oricorio in Baile Style, Pom-Pom Style, Pa’u Style, or Sensu Style. Or all four of them! Either way, these six inch plushies will look great in any collection! You can click here to look at the whole line.

Valentines Day
Do not forget that Pokemon Center’s 2018 Valentines Collection is on the site! This collection features several goodie to give to your valentine. From Valentines Cards to mugs! There is even a Paired Pikachu to give so your special someone will always remember you! Want to look at the full 2018 Valentines Collection? All you need to do is click here!

My personal favorite from the Valentines Collection is a shirt featuring Slowpoke. I will suggest you click on this link to see why.

Got any personal favorites? Let us know! Happy shopping!

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