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Detective Pikachu TCG Cards and Merchandise!

Detective Pikachu
Get ready to see plenty of Detective Pikachu soon!

The Detective Pikachu movie is going to come out this May! We have already seen two trailers for the movie that features Pokemon depicted in the realistic design. Though, we are going to get more sneak peeks of the Pokemon in various ways. That includes cards in the Pokemon TCG and merchandise!

Pokemon TCG

Pokemon has reveal some Pokemon TCG cards from the upcoming Detective Pikachu TCG set at the American International Toy Fair in New York. These three cards were Jigglypuff, Mr. Mime and Psyduck. All three of these Pokemon were standout Pokemon from the first Detective Pikachu movie trailer.

The Detective Pikachu mini-set will be release on April 5th in the U.S. and March 29th in other countries. The mini-set will be release through various movie tie-in products.


There will be several different apparel inspired from Detective Pikachu. That includes shirts featuring businesses from the movie such as Hi-Hat Cafe and Berry Juice. You will also get the chance to wear hats inspire by these cafes. Though, if you want to feel like Detective Pikachu then a deerstalker hat with Pikachu ears will be perfect for you!

These products will be available on starting on April 2nd.

Excited for the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie? We hope you are! Below is the new trailer for the movie. This trailer features even more Pokemon in the new style such as Lickitung.

Happy viewing!

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