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Disney XD Movie Premiere and Marathon! This Weekend!

Movie Marathon
Get ready for a whole bunch of Pokemon anime and a movie!

Disney XD will be having a Pokemon Sun & Moon marathon! But wait! There is more! Included in the marathon will be the TV premiere of the latest Pokemon movie, Pokemon: I Choose You! All of this will be happening on Saturday, November 25th.

Pokemon anime watchers will be in for a treat! They will get their weekly new anime episode on Saturday morning starting at 9am Eastern. Though this weekend they will get a double dose of new episodes. One of those episodes features Ash and his Alolan Friends visiting Kanto to see Misty and Brock.

Once those two episodes are done airing then it is movie time! Disney XD will be airing Pokemon: I Choose You!. This is the latest movie that features a retelling the faithful meeting of Ash and Pikachu. The movie made a theatrical debut earlier this month. Those who did not get the chance to see it in theaters or simply wish to rewatch it can do it on November 25th!

And if you want even more great Pokemon anime then stay tune after the movie for a twenty-two episode marathon!

This weekend is going to be a huge day for Pokemon anime lovers! So tune in to Disney XD on November 25th for a massive Pokemon anime marathon!

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