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Don’t be Blue, play the new Pokémon Masters event!

The first Pokémon Masters event has begun!

This event is the Reach for the Top event and features a story focusing on the Sync Pair of Blue & Pidgeot as well as various missions, item exchanges and a new Sync Pair Scout banner that adds Blue to the available Sync Pairs. This event runs for four weeks until September 29th 2019. Through this event, players get to test out the 5 star trainer and his mega evolving partner to see if he’s worth spending gems for!

Blue is a 5 star trainer who plays the Strike role. His partner is Pidgeot, who is weak to rock types and is capable of mega evolving when using their Sync Move: World-Swallowing Hurricane. Pidgeot also gets access to Air Cutter, which has a high critical hit ratio and hits all opponents, as well as Air Slash, which has a moderate flinch chance and hits a single opponent. Both of these moves require two gauges to use. When Pidgeot mega evolves, Air Slash is replaced with the three gauge move, Hurricane. Hurricane has a chance of confusing the opponent and never misses in the rain, making it a good pair for Winona, whose Pelipper gets access to Rain Dance. Pidgeot also has two status boosting slots, the X Special Attack, which sharply raises the Special Attack stat, and Blue’s unique stat attack, “Smell Ya Later”, which raises the user’s evasiveness, accuracy, and critical-hit rate. Finally, they have two passive skills as well, Acuity and Haste, which prevents accuracy and speed from be lowered, respectively.

So if this sounds like a great addition to your team, then make sure to play this event for the four weeks it’s active and try your hand at getting Blue!

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