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Duel Figure Review: Mimikyu

Is Mimikyu worth a slot on your team?

Even with Pokémon Duel soon coming to a close, the offer of free figures makes it a tough dilemma to choose what figures you’ll want. Thus, in the final months of the game’s run, we’ll continue to analyze figures to give players new options to try out. Today, we’ll be starting off with a figure I’ve been using for a long time, Mimikyu, and analyzing whether or not it’s a good option for your future team.

Mimikyu is a fairy/ghost type R rarity figure with an MP of 2. Just like in the main series games, Mimikyu has the ability Disguise. This attaches a disguise marker to the figure that allows it to be hit once without knocking it out, instead just removing the marker and any special conditions afflicting the figure. In addition, as a ghost type, Mimikyu is able to MP through other figures on the field. There is also a shiny variant of the Mimikyu figure though it contains no notable differences on its dial from the regular Mimikyu figure.

Mimikyu’s spin dial consists of two miss tiles, two white attacks, and one purple attack. Its purple attack is a size 20 tile and contains the move Curse. Curse is a one star purple attack that attaches a curse marker to the opponent. If an opponent with a curse marker is knocked out, instead of being sent to the PC, it is removed from the battle entirely. Its first white attack is a size 24 tile and contains the power 30 attack, Shadow Claw. Its other white attack is a size 40 tile and contains Play Rough, a power 90 move that, if it lands, prevents opponents from using plates the following turn. Its two miss tiles are size 4 and size 8 as well. Mimikyu also gets access to the four star purple Z-Move attack, Twinkle Tackle, which sends the opposing figure back to its bench, and the power 180 Z-Move, Never-ending Nightmare, which makes all opposing Pokémon on the field spin. Those that spin White Attacks get an MP-1 marker. In addition, as of this final update, Mimikyu now also gets access to its exclusive Z-Move, Let’s Snuggle Forever, which is a power 180 attack that sends to the opponent to the bench if it lands.

While Mimikyu is not a common sight to see on the playing field, it does have some use in the competitive league due to its ability, Disguise. Since it gets one free hit in, it is commonly seen as a goal guard. While Magikarp and Larvesta are typically more popular for this role, Mimikyu’s access to Twinkle Tackle allows it to fend off popular choices like Lunala due to the four star priority of the purple attack. Its overall lack of fire power, however, when compared to other popular choices means that Mimikyu is best suited for defense rather than offense. While Play Rough is fairly powerful, when compared to other legendary figures that are typically seen, it needs a lucky hit to knock anything out. Thankfully, its access to Curse gives it the potential to stall some while a surrounding counter or a stronger defender is able to come to its aid. In addition, one of the major counters to Mimikyu as well as other goal guards like Magikarp and Larvesta is surrounding, which completely nullifies the Disguise ability. Thus, it is recommended, as with any goal guard, to keep another figure at Mimikyu’s flank to prevent this from happening.

Overall, Mimikyu is not the greatest figure to include on your team. Unlike Magikarp or Larvesta, when Mimikyu’s Disguise is spent, it doesn’t get a boost in power. However, its access to Twinkle Tackle and other Z-Moves can make it a powerful protector that other goal guards may not be able to provide. While we wouldn’t recommend using Mimikyu in any sort of official tournaments, if you’re just looking to have fun, it’s a cool figure to mess around with. And if paired with the right figure, it can still be a reliable defense for your team.

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