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English August TCG Revealed

Celestial Storm
A storm is brewing in the Pokemon TCG!

Details for the August’s English TCG set have been revealed. This set will be called Celestial Storm and will feature Rayquaza GX. Celestial Storm will be based on Japan’s Charisma of the Wrecked Sky and Champion Road. Players can expect to see cards such as Stakataka GX, Articuno GX, Blaziken GX, and Scizor GX. Other cards to be included in this set will be Latios, Latias, and Jirachi.

Based on the sets that will make up Celestial Storm, it looks like this set will be based on Hoenn. Most of the GX Pokemon from this set are native to the Hoenn region. Cards from Champion Road have also been reveal in Japan. These cards seem to be spiritual reprints or remakes from card printed in the ex Ruby and Sapphire era.

Celestial Storm will be release on August 3rd in the United States. Most likely this set will be legal for Worlds 2018.

Source: PokeBeach

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