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Fall 2019 Special TCG Set! Hidden Fates!

Mewtwo Mew
You better get ready TCG players! A special set has been spotted!

A new special mini-set has been revealed though a few distributors called Hidden Fates. This mini-set will be our special Fall mini-set that will be release on English’s shelves.

The Pokemon TCG release four main sets every year but they also release a special mini-set in the Fall around the holiday season. Some of these past sets include Shiny Legends, Dragon Majesty, Dragon Vault, and Generations. Sometimes these mini-sets have highly wanted chase cards. Other times they are simply things for collectors to chase after. The one thing that they all have in common is how the packs for the sets are sold. That is through special collection boxes.

Currently we do not know much about Hidden Fates. What we do know is that Hidden Fates will be packaged with a special Mewtwo/Mew Pin Collection. This collection will contain three Hidden Fates Booster Packs, a promo card featuring Mewtwo or Mew, a pin of Mewtwo or Mew, and code card.

The Mewtwo/Mew Pin Collection will be release on 8/23/2019.


Source: Lunar Lugia on Twitter

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