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Fan Made Clay Pokemon Objects

Clay Rotom
Time to see some amazing stuff using clay!

Pokemon fan and Twitter user, Plasmaclusterha, has decided that he wanted to make some of his favorite Pokemon come to life! All he needed was some clay and paint to make it happen. Not only did he make them but also gave them some great functions!

In the tweet above, you can see that Plasmaclusterha has made a clay RotomDex, clay Oddish, and two clay Charjabug.

The clay RotomDex acts as a skin for any tablet device. You can slip in an iPad to make Rotom display anything you want from maps to various images. Maybe you want to play some Mario Kart DX. Then you can slip in your Nintendo Switch into RotomDex and play some games on it!

Plasmaclusterha has also made a clay Oddish that acts as a pot. You can put any kind of plants in it. Though I am sure you want to put in something that makes this Oddish pot look like an actually Oddish.

The clay Charjabug is actually a mobile external battery! You can use it to charge various devices. Plasmaclusterha has even made a tiny Chargjabug external battery! Both of these Chargjabug look amazing!

Below you can see the Chargjabug external battery with more details!

A huge great job to Plasmaclusterha who put in the time and effort to make these things! What else would you like to see made from clay? Let us know in the comments.

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