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Fantastic Fan Art: Amazing Leaf Art!

It is a fantastic new year so lets turn over a new leaf!

It has been a long time since we have shown off some fantastic fan art! Let see if I can start my new year resolution right by showing off an artist who has done some great work!

The work that you see above is from unini_99 on Twitter! This artist has plenty of Pokemon and non Pokemon work on their Twitter account. All of it is done in this amazingly cute art style. Their character design looks clean and crisp. Perfectly flawless! Though I want to focus on their rendition of Leaf from Pokemon.

The Leaf and Arcanine artwork that can be seen above looks great. Clearly unini_99 is ready to bring in the new year with his favorite dog and girl combo. I bet that big dog can make things quite warm.

Below is some more fantastic fan art from unini_99.

It looks as if unini_99’s Leaf is stuck in a cycle of never ending youth. The girl just can’t age! Especially when you compare her to Red who has surely mature since the days of FireRed & LeafGreen. Meanwhile, it looks as if Leaf has plenty to grow if she wants to catch up. Maybe that is why we do not see her in Alola.

unini_99 is really good at making comics too. This little piece has plenty of Leaf in different situations. You can get a feel for his characterization for the character. It is pretty adorable like his art style.

Go ahead and check out the rest of unini_99’s art by checking out his Twitter account! Click here!

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