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Fantastic Fan Art: My Ash Valentines

アルトマーレの再会 by ぺち on pixiv

Welcome to a special Fantastic Fan Art where we are featuring the fantastic love of Ash!

Ash has had a few shippings and by a few we mean…A whole lot. While I could dig the internet for all the Ash related shipping art, I decided it was best to just pick three unique shippings. So lets go ahead and see what was found!

The first piece is by ぺち and it is a unique Ash shipping! It is the famous AltoShipping from Pokemon Heroes. Who kissed Ash? We may never know but we do know is that Ash got a kiss from somebody.

Above we have Ash reaching out to Latias and Bianca. Both look as if they haven’t seen each other in a long time. You can tell as Ash’s arm reaches out for Latias and Bianca. Ash did get pretty close to Latias during the movie and we already know how one of them felt for the other. It is quite interesting how this movie played out and this relationship. This piece of art shows that and looks great.

Speaking of kissing Ash, we have some AmourShipping by しろころ.

We may never see Ash and Serena kiss on screen but we do know that Ash and Serena did share a connection. You can see that here as Ash hands Serena a flower. Serena is surprised by this action as seen in her light blush but loves it. These two share an interesting relationship as Serena obviously loved Ash but the boy never showed it. Maybe Ash was aware of Serena’s feelings but simply acted obvious to them in order to keep things civil between the two and to allow Serena to grow as a trainer. Though it looks like this artist wanted to share a moment with Ash’s kind self and Serena. It looks cute!

Lastly, we have a piece of art from the original ship: Pokeshipping by ananan.

In this piece we see Ash and Misty acting as they always do. They are in a bickering state where the two do not want to share their feelings with each other. That was the constant state of their relationship and it is depicted perfectly in this piece. The two may have had feelings for one another but simply didn’t know how to express them due to their young age and maturity. It was cute for what was the first of many ships involving Ash and Misty. There are plenty of art pieces featuring Ash and Misty but I think this one shows their relationship the best and purest. Another touching piece!

Which one of these three pieces did you enjoy? Do you have any Ash shippings that you think are fantastic! Let us know in the comments!

P.S.: Lets keep this discussion civil.

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