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Fantastic Fan Art: Cool Aunt Leaf

Time for some fan art that is fantastic featuring a classic trio!

Today we are featuring some fantastic fan art from Twitter user rawgummy who is combining a little bit of the new with the old. This artist has the original game trio of Red, Blue and Leaf acting as babysitters for the new kids, Sun and Moon. It looks as if Red and Blue left the kids in the hands of Leaf. Though, apparently Auntie Leaf thought it was a good idea to have a little “cake party” right before bedtime and now Red and Blue have to deal with it.

This is a funny piece to look at. It features two normally stoic characters in a situation that is rather childish. It looks like rawgummy drew inspiration for Leaf from the manga counterpart Green (female) for her personality. It helps make a pretty humorous piece that is always fun to look back on.

Make sure to follow rawgummy on Twitter for even more fantastic fan art!

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