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Fantastic Fan Art: Pop Punk Pokemon!

Fantastic Fan Art is back with some pop and punk!

Welcome back to Fantastic Fan Art! Our fan art column where we look at some fantastic fan art from different fans who love Pokemon!

Today we are featuring art from popular Pokemon GO AR photographer, PopPunkPokemon!

JC (AKA PopPunkPokemon) loves taking AR photographs using Pokemon GO as his models! This creative photographer can take amazing pictures using the GO Snapshot. He later goes in and do awesome edits where the Pokemon are doing amazing attacks or simply being involved with the environment around them.

As you can see in the image above, JC has taken a picture of Ponyta in front of a ship that is suppose to be the SS Anne. This fantastic piece of fan art is part of his Pallet Town Passport where JC is recreating the journey of the Kanto trainer. He is doing this by taking pictures in Pokemon GO of the different Pokemon that trainers would see in their journey of Pokemon Red & Blue.

Below are some of our favorites that JC has done. Some of them are amazing action scenes were others are just some scenic moments that reminds us of our own journey through Kanto.

Squirtle on Route 6

This piece of photography fan art shows of JC’s ability to depict attacks in action! The Squirtle came from Pokemon GO but the Bubble attack was all JC’s work! It really does look as if JC took the picture right as Squirtle was preforming the attack.

What is even more impressive is that you can see Squirtle’s reflection in the bubbles! Now that is some real dedication!

Jigglypuff Uses Sing!

This piece features one of JC’s rare Instagram videos. Here you can see a Jigglypuff use Sing right before your eyes! JC even went ahead and inserted Jigglypuff’s famous song. Better watch out or you may end up following asleep!

Dragonite at the Cape

This piece is a personal favorite. Here we have JC depicting a famous scene from the Pokemon anime where Ash and friends witness a giant Dragonite off of Cerulean Cape.

There is a real sense of foreboding as you see Dragonite in the fog. JC did an amazing job in bringing the same feeling of awe that I had when I first saw this scene in the anime as a child. The effect of graytones on a cloudy beach is simply amazing alongside with the shining eyes.

Snorlax on the Bridge

The final piece of fantastic fan art from JC is this famous moment with Snorlax. Above is when JC arrived on Route 16 to see a Snorlax blocking his path. This piece of fan art photo looks amazing and pretty much what every trainer can expect when playing the games back then. JC picked an amazing bridge to show off this sleeping Snorlax and put some awesome effects to give an old summer feel to it.

Make sure to check out PopPunkPokemon on Instagram! As you can see, JC does an amazing job in depicting these Pokemon in action using Pokemon GO. Currently JC is taking on the Saffron City Gym! Make sure to give him a follow and check out his fantastic fan art!

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