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Fantastic Fan Art: Rayquaza Flying Over Lilycove

Time to enjoy some lovely scenery with Rayquaza.

It is always great to see art depicting the many wonderful cities and locations of the Pokemon world. They feel under appreciated seeing that we spend so much time in a certain city or place.

This week we are spotlighting an artwork by @Aniuskie on Twitter. This artist decided to do a piece featuring Lilycove City with Rayquaza flying above it. You can see many great locations from Lilycove such as the art museum and the Dept. Store.

My favorite part of the piece is that you can see Rayquaza’s reflection on the Lilycove Dept. Store. It is a great piece of detail included by the artist. This scene is pretty believable due to the distance that Rayquaza is in the sky. He is too far to be notice by most people but can be seen if you look hard enough.

Make sure to check out the rest of @Aniuskie’s work on Twitter!

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