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Fantastic Fan Art: It’s Ya Boy!

guzma/グズマ by canton on pixiv

It is time to feature some art with ya boy! Guzma!

We have a few pieces that promise to be fantastic featuring the big bad boss from Team Skull that won’t stop!

The first one is a piece by canton . Guzma is in a dynamic pose that shows the man is ready to take on any challenge that comes before him. He is a strong trainer that won’t give up. It really does show off his personality from the games.

Next we have a piece by めあ@グズマニア featuring Guzma and his right hand girl, Plumeria. These two are getting ready to battle with their awesome poses. You better be ready to take on this double threat as they will plummet you with their powerful Z-Moves.

Though that is the feeling I am getting with this piece. It looks pretty awesome and I wish we got some more interaction between these two characters. This piece makes it look like they would make a great pair together when put on screen.

詰3 by teRasaKi MiyakO on pixiv

Here we have Guzma in a friendly look from the post game. He looks to be much happier in this depiction by teRasaKi MiyakO. The artist provides us with a look at Guzma that we don’t see too often. It is a genuine appearance of Guzma being happy. There is no rage and the man does look as if he is ready to move on to the next part of his life.

This piece also has several other pieces attached. Some of the attached pieces may not be suitable for all ages or some people.

This piece is by nupao and it features Guzma’s main Pokemon. Golisopod! These two make a great combination. You can see how close they are in this piece. There is a good mix of kindness and toughness in this piece between Guzma and Golisopod. I really like that because normally you see they being fierce. So a change in the norm is nice.

Lastly, we have a piece featuring young Guzma and his Wimpod by ユイナシ. It is a touching piece and I will let you simply take in the emotions.

Which piece did you think was fantastic? Let us know in the comments!

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