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Fantina makes her debut in Pokémon Masters!

The next Pokémon Masters Spotlight Scout has begun!

The Ghost-Type Gym Leader from Sinnoh is making her debut in Pokémon Masters. Fantina and her partner, Mismagius, have arrived at Pasio to join their fellow Sinnoh Gym Leaders. They are featured in a Spotlight Scout until April 2.

Fantina is a five star strike class trainer, making her a powerful ghost to add to your team. Mismagius has access to two passive skills: Backfire 2 and Bulk Buster 4. Backfire 2 sharply lowers the Attack and Sp. Atk of all opposing sync pairs just before the user faints. Bulk Buster 4 also powers up moves the more HP the user has. Mismagius has two attacks: Ominous Wind, which has a small chance of boosting all stats, and Shadow Ball, which has a chance of lowering the target’s special defense. Fantina can assist her partner with her X Special Attack and her signature move, Dance with Me! Dance with Me! raises the user’s critical hit rate and increases the user’s move gauge by three. They also have access to the sync move, Soulful Dancer Shadow Ball.

So be sure to grab Fantina while you can!

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