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  1. Following my dream

    My dream is to be in a band; a band that records albums, goes touring, and all that good stuff that comes with getting your name out there.

    Recently, I think I've made good progress towards this dream. Last August, I left my band I had been with for almost two years. It was a hard choice, because I really connected with the guys and they were becoming almost family to me. The problem was that they were younger; the next oldest two were just starting college, and I was starting my ...
  2. I really love

    the person that's reading this. <3
  3. Pokemon Yellow but it's a Randomized Nuzlocke

  4. And the grand prize winner...

  5. First successful shiny hunt!

    Two days ago, I finally succeeded in my first shiny hunt in SoulSilver:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	JPEG_20180724_152808.jpg 
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ID:	1765

    He's named Porcaro after Jeff Porcaro, the great drummer from the band Toto.

    Here's a video of me finding it: (some profanity due to excitement, cover your ears!)
  6. A loss in my family

    About a week ago, my mother got a call that her dad had to be taken to the hospital. I honestly wasn't told specifics, but I heard words being thrown around such as "aneurysm" and "Parkinson's". They told her he was down to his final months. We planned a trip (three hours drive) to go down and visit him, and originally I was going to go during another trip because my band was rehearsing that day.

    But a few days later, we got another call that he was declining, ...
  7. Scary News

    Just a warning, the stuff I'm going to talk about is quite sad and disturbing. Don't read the spoilers if you can't handle it.

    So a day or two ago, I got news that a kid that went to my Taekwondo school when I was younger apparently died. To be completely honest, I can't remember if I ever talked to him, but I had definitely seen him around. He seemed like a good kid, like pretty much everyone at the Taekwondo school. Pretty sad, considering he was my age.

    I was able ...
  8. prankd about being prankd

    plot twist

    i was serious before

    i'm a Bulbasaur not an Emolga
  9. prankd

    Hey, I just wanted to tell you guys something that's been on my mind...

    I'm an Emolga.

    Not a Bulbasaur.

    They said I could be anything I wanted...

    So I became an Emolga.

    i am totally winging this blog post

    Anyways, yeah. I always wished I was a Bulbasaur, so I made my username Bulbasaur. Just like Dragon Master Mike always wished he was a master of dragons named Mike.

    You know what sucks, though? ...

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