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  1. Guess who's going to AMERICA NEXT YEAR


    My bro and his partner are going to San Fran next year in April, and in a loljokes kind of way I was like "omg I should come" and they were like "Okay!" and I was like "REALLY?!" and they were like "YES!"

    This weekend Qantas (reliable Australian airline) have a sale on tickets to certain cities in America SO I GET A GOOD DEAL AS WELL! So yeah I'll primarily be in San Fran, but I reeeeally wanna go to LA so maybe ...
  2. I'm going to Japan! :D

    In April this year on the 26th, I'm going to Japan for a month! OO: One of my best friends and I are going together, and it turns out one of our other friends will be there during the time we're there too! XD We're there for Golden Week, which is awesome as well. B)

    The flights are booked and we're in the process of trying to get together an itinerary. I'm probably gonna be completely broke after this trip, BUT IT'LL BE WORTH IT!!!! I'm gonna come home with so much Pokemon stuff. ...
  3. PXR Talkshow/Interviews - Getting Started!

    Most of you would be aware that I've been wanting to get up the PXR interviews again, and I've got nine questions that I've sorted out and I figure will work well.

    However, I'm less inclined to call it an interview show and more of a talk show. I want to constrain the episodes to 60 minutes if possible, and I think 9 questions is a good number for getting a decent conversation going while keeping it interesting. :D

    Things I need to finalise first:

    1. ...
  4. Minty Died.

    She's been sick the past few days. I could tell. Weak, quiet, sleeping a lot, diarrhoea.

    This morning, Mum went to get her up and she was lying on the cage floor. So...she died overnight.

    I suspected this was going to happen soon, though it doesn't make anything any easier. It was still a shock. I'm probably going to go through seven tissue boxes today. I don't deal with loss well. Who does?

    RIP, Minty. I love you so much. I can't believe you flew ...
  5. Markiplier heard my voice!!!

    As some of you may know, I'm into voice acting. I do want to pursue it professionally but right now I just do random projects for no pay. No because I don't want to be paid--simply because I haven't been a part of a paid project yet.

    BUT. I went to a school for games and film in 2014 and 2015, and I made a lot of friends. And connections. Earlier this year, my teacher for those two years contacted me and said that one of his students was looking for a female voice actress to do a ...
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  6. Missing... [Update: FOUND!]

    UPDATE: MINTY HAS BEEN LOCATED! A nearby vet gave us a call this morning (18th October) after someone had handed her in after finding her at a train station (which was the next stop away from the station near close and yet so far). I'm so happy, relieved and thankful to have her back. <3 She's very happy to be back and I can tell that she's going to need a few days to settle down, but that's okay. She was so happy to climb into her nighttime cage this evening and go to bed. After spending ...

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  7. PXR Audio Interviews 2.0

    As some of you may know, back in 2013 I hosted a (very short-lived) show called Cross Twelve, during which I only managed to interview three people because I'm so good at keeping up with the world. Here's the thread if you're interested.

    I got a job a few months back, but I'm only a casual, which means that I still have a lot of time on my hands. Soooo I was wondering...would anyone want to see this show, or some sort of variation of this show, renewed? If you would, would you want ...
  8. Is my font colour annoying?

    If I could put a poll here, I would! XD

    Is this font colour annoying to people?! I don't know; sometimes it blinds me, but I've been doing it for so long that it might seem weird to stop. What do you guys think?! Should I keep it or not? I'm certainly keeping my Arial font... But what about the colour?

    I won't be offended if you say it's annoying because it is! 8D

    Only in some situations? Never? Always? Usually when there's a wall of text, I'll refrain ...

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  9. Hi! ...I'm at a loss for a title!

    HI GUYS.


    I AM WELL.

    I have been suffering from a throat infection since last Thursday aaaaand it was horrible. It felt like daggers when I swallowed, so I couldn't eat much or hydrate myself well. ;0; For a few days it made me headachy, my neck was aching, jaw was aching, ear ached, tongue hurt, it hurt to talk, and hurt to swallow most of all. I had to take pain killers or else I'd be in tears for one day. XD That was the worst day.
  10. I Created a Pokémon Attack


    As some of you may know, I started writing a pokémon story back in 2008. I posted it on Pe2k in 2009 and it's ongoing (despite the fact that I haven't written anything for it in several months :< ) today.

    BACK IN 2010, I came up with a bunch of random moves. It's funny; one of them is called Scorch and it's a fire move which, looking at it now, is sort of like Scald's fire type counterpart (although weaker). But that's not the

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