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  1. My sleep life

    It is nonexistent. It is really starting to water me off. Especially at this very instant. It is 1 am, at the time of writing this; and here i am im bed, trying to sleep. That is a pretty normal human occurance, right? Even though i am practically an insomniac, it is normal for humans, right?

    You would think. Unless you are the people in my house who likes to watch tv. Loudly. Oh, i am sorry. I am sorry my sleep is inconviencing your bad word parade. By all means, blare your show ...

    Yet again, the activity bug has bitten me in the boiyos and i am here with a vengence. Now, you all know me. The raging inferno of impulses blazes in me worse than...well, im not gonna make that joke..

    Anyway, PokeCommunity! Ive been a member for..well a very long time. Though, ive been on Serebii for far too long. Anyway x2, Ive had the same name for 6 YEARS. Unheard of! Especially for me! So what am i gonna do?

    I have no clue you choose for me, im too lazy ...
  3. A Crossroads

    I have come to the point, like every other time that has come before this, where i am at a crossroads in life. This intro may sound familiar, that is because i stole my own intro from a other blog of mine.

    But here I am, thinking I want to be active and vibrant when my bod doesn't allow me the opportunity to do so. It would rather be lazy and forget the world than give me an inch ...
  4. I Choose You

    Ironic title, because i cant choose a name. My mind is too busy.

    Do it for me, fam
  5. Ho oh Reborn

    It seems Fate has rubbed off on me, i guess i am too much like Ho Oh than i realize. Maybe i should change my name to Ho Oh.

    Suicune's Fire told me never to disappear like Fate, i broke my promise lol
  6. 2 MORE DAYS

    ...until i change my name. And i am sitting here, rattling my brain as to what that will be. Will i go back to EZ? Or shall i transcend into something else.

    To be, or not to be. Whatever my decision, i shall continue existing as a human further into infinity.
  7. So tired

  8. My name

  9. I'm hungry

  10. Losing the battle

    For years i have been battling voices in my head, most of which are one voice just sounding different. For a long time, i've called this voice, this entity inside me, Havoc.

    He has been a constant chaotic force in my life, a time when anger consumed me. Though i have many times when i thought he was gone, he always comes back.

    He evolved, as my anger sated through the years, although his chaotic nature remained; he evolved. Making up for himself a new name, a more ...
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