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  1. So...

    I think I might go for four more months of this season, but I'm still trying to find my first one with the other team. This will help reduce pressure on the horse and keep it moist. But I'm not sure whether to use the same book I'm reading or something else. What do you guys think I should do?

    Also, I've been watching the news conference on CNN today and now I want some cactus candy. Does anyone know how much money I need? I don't want to hear the whole story about how I said Albert ...
    Diary/Journal Entry
  2. Hey from beyond the grave.

    Just kidding: nobody liked me enough to actually get me a grave.

    But hey, guys! I'm still alive, despite the unannounced break again.

    Since the last time I made a post about my life, which was quite a while ago, I thought I was getting stuff in order, but turns out I wasn't. Long story short and without the dull details, it's been an exhausting time. I shoulda already graduated from university, but I spent years without direction and not really doing what I wanted. ...

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  3. Yo, I have cookies.

    Well, more like one cookie. Fight for it.

    ANYWAY, hello, all. I'm back. I know a lot of you have wondered where I've been. It's simple: dead. (Not really. But now anything I say can't sound as bad.)

    Mostly been caught up with other things. A lot of Final Fantasy XIV (which I'm sure two of you know /cough). Also moved to a new university and temporary home away from home. Been busy trying to do well with my studies and work past my absurdly overpowering lack of motivation ...