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    I think I've come out of my social shell now? I'm not sure. Maybe tomorrow I'll decide that I want to be a recluse again. I dunno. Regular socialization both enriches my life and makes it more hectic. So it's kinda a double-edged sword. Regardless I'm glad to see everyone!

    Wow, last time I updated was in '17? That's insane. Life's been going well for me, actually. For those that are curious to any major life events since that last, fateful blog post, I'll fill you in! I wanna keep ...
  2. <3

    With all the goings-ons, I haven't really felt like typing everything out all at once so for the past two "Life Update" blog posts I've just been making audio recordings. Seeing how I don't think a lot of people listened in due to possibly being inconvenient, I'm typing this one up as a regular post. I think you really ought to listen to my first two recordings, though, in order to get filled in with the details up to this point.

    So, first and foremost: the legal stuff. ...

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  3. Life Update #2

    Since I'm just much too lazy to type everything out. Sorry!

    Just going on about recent goings-on.

    Life's been kinda a big pain.
    Diary/Journal Entry
  4. Life Update

    I meant to post this up about a week ago when I recorded it. Heh, sorry guys!

    I didn't feel like typing up everything so you guys get to hear my voice instead. More has happened since then and I may or may not make another recording soon!
  5. Divorce.

    Yeah...I don't know what to say. Today I found out that David is actually divorcing me this time. Apparently 1 month with slow progress isnt good enough. 1 ****ing month.

    Honestly, i dont know what to think or feel. Im heartbroken, confused, relieved, scared, angry, and devastated. The more I think about it the more I realize I dont need someone in my life thats going to keep doing this kind of ****.

    My activity might be more slim. It just...depends on how im feeling... ...
  6. Good news

    I feel a little relieved.

    David said he would give me a week to figure out what I need to do on MY end to improve our marriage.

    I'm taking that offer.

    Earlier I actually asked the guy I was crushing on if he wanted to hookup at some point and he explained that he separates work life from personal life. It was that that made me realize that I don't have a plan B. No, I unconditionally love David and I will not separate from him without doing everything ...
  7. Welp

    My husband is divorcing me. I'm in shock. I don't know what to say or think. I don't know what to feel.

    It just wasn't working out I guess.
  8. I just want to die.

    I hate my life, I hate myself, and I just want to ****ing die.

    Recently I developed a crush on a coworker. Pretty deep crush, to be honest. I told him so that it might cut me off, but it only made things worse because he liked me back.

    We didn't talk for a couple of days and then he gave me his number. One night we had a really, really flirty text exchange. He ghosted on me the next day, and won't message me back at all. Not even now. Yet at work, he acts like nothing ...
  9. Does anyone know javascript?

    I'm needing someone to help me out with Javascript for Pokemon Prism. Here's the lowdown:

    Well, Gigi is like a javascript wizard, so she made a script for the generator for Pokémon Prism:

    This is the code:

    generate an image for an egg on the actual generator. See how it generates the egg image with each one? I know it would take a lot of time and probably several
  10. The most interesting Valentine's Day ever

    I had a wonderful Valentines Day...or the day before, anyway.

    My best friend Taylor was over today. We just kinda lazed around and I played video games. It was a lot of fun, except for that feeling that I hadn't done anything (even take a shower) all day until 5 pm. xD

    Parents took all four of us out to dinner at Shogun. It was actually kinda funny because they were like, "it'll be a surprise" and I kinda had a feeling I knew what they were up to. Call it ...
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