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Slice of Life

  1. I'm back! + Interesting Life update.

    Hi guys! It's been a long while, I'm in the midst of so much work but because of Sword and Shield and just a way for me to escape for a few minutes each day i've come back for a while and hopefully I can stay around. I'm super excited to start posting about theories on the new games, especially since they are based on where I come from. Finally a UK based region! haha.

    I'm posting this sort of as a way to sort through my thoughts at the moment. I probably shouldn't because it's super ...
    Slice of Life
  2. Why is it so stressful?

    OMG the stress is too much. I have one week left. One week until I find out if my two year courses for my A-levels were actually worth it.
    A-Level results day is on the 18th August. I will go into college at 8AM to receive a slip of paper with my exam grades on. I didn't know that one piece of paper could be such an important thing in my life and such a source of stress.
    I need 3 B grades to get into my first choice to do Graphic Design. I have got everything else sorted, accommodation ...
  3. I'm back!!

    So, if any of you have noticed, over maybe the last month and a half or so, I have been pretty much inactive and that is due to me going through my A-Level exams. So much has happened over the last month or two, some great, some terrible, so yeah. I'll go over a few things. Mainly to explain my absence and also because one of the things that has happened is related to a little someone I have talked about in a few previous blogs.

    So, the last two months has been an emotional roller ...