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  1. [Angeryness intensifes]

    Hello all

    so basically imma rant about the shining solgaleo/lunala event that started up here in the US-of A. WHY am i complaining? Because you need a BLOODY APP to even GET the code!!! i'm like, UM... WHAT!?! Are you not satisfied with people even going to Gamestop in the first place to get your SHINY LOCKED LEGENDARY??

    And what's worse you need a TRAINER CLUB ACCOUNT PLUS THE APP which i can't get EITHER OF. What happened to skedaddling off to Gamestop and getting ...
  2. Fortnite Battle Royale: Season 10/X Review

    Hello all

    Today is the last day of Fortnite's 10th season, and the theme was Time. Since the game is down for some odd reason after the live event, i'll be continuing what i did for Season 9 and go over what the game brought to the table!

    *Note* I'm not going over weapons since that would take too long


    Season X brought many new areas as well as old favorites with a twist to the island, in the form of areas called Rift Zones. ...
  3. Fortnite: Battle Royale- Season 9 Review

    Today is the very last day of Fortnite's 9th season, so i thought maybe i could review it and share my thoughts on how well it did! I'll be going over:
    -New areas, What went away, and Functionalities (vehicles, etc)
    -New Weapons
    -The Battle Pass
    -Events (LTMs, live events)

    Here we go, then!
    -New Areas/ Functionalities

    With Tilted Towers and Retail row being destroyed by a volcano eruption last season, Neo Tilted and Mega Mall took ...

    ladies and defaults, i come to claim and celebrate the thousandth entry in the blog! i'm honored to have claimed this entry and i hope you share my glory!!!

    (please disregard/delete my thread i misposted lol XD ROFL)
  5. So Basically Funerals Suck

    Hello this is my first ever blog post about my first ever funeral..!

    So basically i went to my great-grandmother's funeral this last friday, i had never been to a funeral before so i didn't know what was gonna happen. I went suit shopping with my dad Tuesday cuz my family (6 people btw, 2 parents, me, and my 3 siblings) planned to make a 6-hour drive from Florida (where i live) to Louisiana (our relative mother lode) for the procession. Baseline: JcPenny's sucked, Dillard's was a ...