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  1. Chakramaster's Avatar
    And this is just the place to cope. Blogs help get things out you may normally not be able to. So vent away!

    Sometimes life hits us and tugs is down. Hard. Making us all feel like total crap. There's no sugarcoating that. I wish it were so, but it really isn't.

    As tough as it is. Don't let others negative words get to you. It'll only make things worse. Try to focus on more positive feelings and things you enjoy. Have certain music you like? Put it all on a loop while you go online or do work. Certain movie or games you enjoy? Same thing! Give them a play and have a good time.

    Sleep may not be the only thing. It could be a mix of much more. If there's anything you've been holding in it could be a total stress reliever getting it all out. So this is a good first step to getting part of that weight out.

    If there's anything you don't feel comfortable talking about out in public and need someone to talk to more personally. Feel free to drop me a PM. But take some time for yourself. Don't let someone else control your life and don't let the negativity of others get to you.
  2. Scytherwolf's Avatar
    I've definitely felt the same way at times. Tired but it's not really about needing sleep. I agree with Neo. I'm happiest when I'm working on creative projects and/or doing something fun. Without the creative stuff I don't know where I'd be.
  3. Neo Emolga's Avatar

    The times I've been the happiest were when I was doing something weird, crazy, a little brazen, and things I thought I would get into trouble for, but things actually turned out beautifully and became things I got renown for.

    Also, I saw this today and it was actually quite refreshing:

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    I trust you've tried all the usual things, so all I can say is get well soon! I hope you can feel bright and full of motivation and excitement asap! Your wellbeing is important.
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    @The Foogle They aren't officially connected to Etsy but the group seem a bit iffy. They have given me a bit of help since I've been on there but they seem a bit harsh and unfair when it comes to some things and they seem to harass others, so I'm probably gonna leave the group. Don't fancy that sort of atmosphere haha. I was thinking of designing my own website and selling on there, which I could easily do with my Graphic Design training, but it would be harder to get traffic to the site and get sales so it's weighing up options I guess.

    There are some pictures and videos of him in the spoiler at the bottom of the blog post. Feel free to check them out haha.
    I've not done much art for a while as I'd been focussing on graduating but now that's done I'm gonna be doing more, so will be updating my art thread. Here's the thread if you want to see some of my older art though.
    Here's my Etsy shop Instagram too if you're curious of the stuff I was trying to sell before.

    I'm gonna try and refine my style over the next few months. I've got my basic style and I've got the colouring/shading nailed, just need to fix proportions and stuff then I'm good to go.
  6. The Foogle's Avatar
    0-0 ambition recieved

    naturally you'd be nervous but why Etsy if they harass you for making fanart? try another site

    haven't seen Bo yet so i have no clue what or who the hell he is but from what i can gather, he's a snake or reptile of some kind :D

    OOH then i'd be DYING to see fanart of stuff just to see how good you are cuz i really have no idea how it looks sorry :/
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    @The Foogle I've had this aspiration for years and have slowly developed my story and characters for it for the last 7-10 years so I definitely could do the comic book, it's just a matter of me getting my art skills a bit more polished first. The ambition is definitely there, it's just a bit clouded with apprehension. It's just getting the momentum to start the interest first, and that's what I'm a bit stuck with because I started my Etsy last year and got nothing from selling only originals but I'm part of an Etsy community on Facebook that actively discourages the sale fanart and basically shames and berates anyone that does it calling it a cop out, cheating and not creative, which I strongly disagree with. I am slowly leaning towards selling fanart more though, because that would sell better and I would then get more traffic to my original stuff, eventually meaning I might not need to sell fanart anymore, just my originals. @roo Yeah, I see so much fanart on Etsy so surely it's fine? I'm just a bit wary because I've heard that some people get found out and have their whole shop shut down. I was going to do Pokemon stuff but I'll have to see if it's worth the risk. There are a few franchises I would happily do fanart for though, such as FNAF, Nintendo in general, TV shows/films such as Harry Potter, Doctor Who etc. I could also do some general stuff that I shouldn't get into trouble for too, such as generic gaming stickers (gaming remotes, PCs CD roms etc.) and such. Might compile a list of stuff and see and then consider bringing my Etsy back with them maybe having the ratio at the moment 2:1 for fanart and then slowly going 2:1 for originals and then eventually just selling originals maybe and leaving fanart exclusive to conventions if I get that far just so I'm safe.

    Bo is such a cutie isn't he! I'm a bit of a hypochondriac though so I overreact to everything and lately his belly has been a bit pink in areas so naturally i'm stressed about that but he is happy and eating so he should be fine. Maybe a general vet checkup is in order though. I fed him on Friday and recorded it if anyone is interested in watching it? It's quite long because he was being a bit slow with it haha.
  8. roo's Avatar
    honestly i say go for it and try to sell fanart! i see people selling fanart on etsy, storenvy, etc (just be wary around redbubble usually they wont let you. i've tried. i've gotten away with like one pokemon thing but i ultimately took it down b/c pokemon made it very clear that they don't want fanart sold on there even tho its super abundant there) and i've bought fanart items from those stores.

    i think you're right in conventions being a special case? otherwise there would be a whole lotta legal trouble.

    also i love bo!! look at that noodley friend!!
  9. The Foogle's Avatar
    well your plan certainly seems well laid-out but do you have the ambition to back it up...?

    but it depends on fan art because some series might have copyright issues BUT it might be ok because there's a hilarious comic strip series on the internet about the first 3 1/2 Sonic games called Not Enough Rings that finished a few years ago and THEY sell their strips so it really is a toss

    but maybe you should have a go it might end up working out :D