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  2. The Roommate Situation

    SO those of you that have been watching the last poster wins have undoubtedly heard about this **** storm. But you've probably only heard bits and pieces of the full situation so here we go.

    So this situation actually starts about two years ago. My ex-roommate, we'll call her Miss Yandere, was in the same major as one of my suitemates, Rainbow Sunshine. Miss Yandere was apparently a jerk to Rainbow Sunshine all year but she just took it as Miss Yandere being competitive. So she comes ...
    Rants , Slice of Life
  3. Guess who wants to say hi!

    Wanna see the face behind that one brilliant and insightful blog post?

    Warning: Extreme cuteness ahead.


    And here he is tired of my s*** because I woke him up for this.
  4. Jury Maguire

    For the past two weeks, I have been on call to perform my civic duty of serving on a jury for my county. This is part of a long-standing legal tradition dating back centuries and I am pleased to report that it is weathering the tests of time quite well, thank you very much for asking.

    Without going into too much details about the case itself, I was initially called up to potentially serve on the twelve-man jury for a criminal case going to trial, meaning that the accused and his ...
  5. Barcelona here I come!

    So good news, I made my college's international Model UN team. This means that later in the semester, specifically in early April, I will be traveling to Barcelona, Spain for roughly a week! I'm super excited not only because I get to practice my Spanish ignoring the fact that they actually speak Cantalan there and given the recent tensions in the area, the politics side of me is super excited to possibly see politics and history in action. SO YEAH I GET TO GO TO BARCELONA!

    I'll also ...
  6. I rate all members named Fate!

    I'm feeling a strong 8 on this one.
  7. I rate all active normal members.

    Green: x / 10
    Everyone else: ( x + 1 ) / 10
  8. I rate all staff members.

    [ Senior Administrators ]
    HKim: Supreme Leader / 10
    Neo Emolga: What's the next promotion? / 10
    Pokemon Trainer Sarah: Has her own holiday / 10
    ray_quazaa: Where's Waldo? / 10
    Suicune's Fire: My enabler / 10

    [ Senior Moderators ]
    Caite-chan: Big blue butt / 10
    Chakramaster: Refuses to evolve / 10
    Noblejanobii: Threatened me for a / 10

    [ Moderators ]
    Arrow-Jolteon: Daily one point / 10
    Blaquaza: Waldo ...
  9. a blog about nothing

  10. I have a special message for you all.

    7egggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
    mnq2m2.. n44444444444kt

    m kijouuuuuu

    l'56 9
    That's not from me--it's from my rat. I don't speak rat, so I have no idea what he meant. But I think he said hi.
    Creative Works , Misc.
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