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  1. Last Call on Commissions

    I'll be closing commissions on Friday. Anyone interested in one must speak up before then.

    Commissions will be slow going over the next few weeks. They will not open again until Winter at the earliest- and ONLY if all current commissions are cleared out. Probably not going to open up again until Summer.

    Note: I'll also take DA points via the commissions widget.

  2. Chapter 1 Concluded!

    Chapter 1 of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rent Spirits is concluded! :D
    It was more of a prologue than anything, but I'm so happy that I get to move on to the actual story, and introduce the other characters~
    I've been enjoying writing RS so far. I felt like some of the posts in the first chapter were a bit short, but now with the magic of CHARACTER INTERACTION I can make them way longer and more interesting~

    At any rate, I'm happy to be one step closer to the truly exciting ...
  3. Moonlight Silver episode 88b--The Afterpost

    This week, the battle between Ash and Chuck continues, and Ash takes advantage of his new ability of Mega Evolution to turn the battle around!

    The biggest change from the original was replacing Bayleef (who Ash used in the original) with Luce. Since Lyra has Hana the Bayleef, Luce made the most sense to replace her--she would have an advantage against both Chuck's Pokemon, and it would be fun to see how Mega Evolution would've affected the Gym battle had it existed in HG/SS (something ...
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  4. Moonlight Silver episode 88a--The Afterpost

    This week, our heroes arrive in Cianwood City--Jasmine gets the medicine she needs, and Ash takes on the tough but sweet Chuck for a Storm Badge.

    The biggest change was taking out Team Rocket--as a general rule across the remix, they (or another evil team) do not interrupt a major competition unless the original was just too funny to cut, or it is important that they mess everything up.

    I also elaborated on what the medicine for Amphy was--since we don't know what's in ...

    Updated 08-17-2017 at 12:28 AM by EmeraldSky

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  5. Life got the best of me again...

    Last couple of weeks/months have been a bit rough. Not all bad, but it's certainly kept me busier and more stressed than usual.

    As some may- or may not know- I graduated in May. Which meant I immediately began working on my demo reel and preparing for my job hunt. Without going into the details, a bunch of software issues sprang up that made this task near impossible for a few weeks. Just as things were looking bleak, an opportunity presented itself: I got accepted into graduate ...
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